Who We Are

     Boston Global Resources Group, LLC is a U.S. based company whose primary activities are centered on global business consulting and management. The company operates through its virtual office location in California, global partners and representative offices in the U.S. South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

     For the most frequent times in the United States, balance of trade between some nations has been the most desired position in the world commerce by manufacturers, exporters, suppliers and service providers. For a very long time the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of U.S. made goods and services depended mainly on the domestic markets. This approach has long changes with the world becoming a much closer global place and the birth of the internet and a more focused attitude by various Governments on exporting of U.S. made goods, technology and services. Many U.S. companies are now caught in the globalization fever as the only alternative to maintaining a status quo or going out of business completely.

     The foreign companies also are equally looking up to the U.S. for new products and services to offer in their own countries. This move has in turn has provided the U.S. companies tremendous opportunities to export their goods and services. Boston Global Resources Group’s goal is to bridge the gap between the practices of companies in different countries and to minimize the obstacles. The company assists potentially export pro companies in promoting U.S. made products and services by developing viable international markets and trade partnership in the foreign markets.